Our History

All our products combine tradition, high qualities and cutting edge technology; together with our exclusive dedication for more than thirty years. In Fruit Fusion we are seeking perfection, we select the best raw materials of the Mediterranean, to prepare our products. 

We offer a great variety of products and sizes, adapted to all orders and suggestions of our clients, always with the best standards of quality. 

In Fruit Fusion, the quality and care are a constant, gathering the best raw materials and tradition in the traditional way as our ancestors did, we make our products. 

The combination of a modern, young and dynamic management philosophy, along with our traditional processes make our company the best choice to provide excellent products and to the highest quality standards.

We ensure that our suppliers works from ethical, social and environmental standards. As a responsible company, we continually help our suppliers to improve their processes into a responsible, safe and sustainable way to guarantee all the supplying chain from orchards to our homes.

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